General Information


The inaugural Round Jamaica Race is scheduled to start on January 22 is taking shape nicely.

So far interest has been very good from Breakaway, Harry Hirsch, Rigmarole, Maniac, Skedaddle, Gallivant, On Y Va, and a yet to be named and viciously fast but untested little trimaran.

Start time will be Friday morning, 10am, January 22, Morgan’s Harbour. Exact time and start procedure will be in the Race

They currently a sponsor who is providing each boat with a tracker - so you will be able to see all the boats and their respective positions on your iPad, Smartphone, laptop etc. Positions will be updated every three minutes.
The race positions can also be followed via a Facebook link for those enthusiasts on terra firma who prefer it that way!
Boats will be provided with the tracker at a later date when we can confirm how many boats are taking part.

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